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A thought provoking piece by Matt D’Avella on the Truth about Black Friday. Personally I’m trying to stop buying things I don’t need that only momentarily bring me some happiness or provide a short-term distraction. I want to be more intentional, I will be more intentional.

I’m back on the OmniFocus train for task management and enjoying it so far. Currently watching the MacSparky Field Guide.

Must. Maintain. Momentum.

Twitter tightens the screws on third party apps. It has been coming for awhile. Can’t help but wish or other alternatives to twitter had become more adopted alternatives.

Busy day off work. Nor rocking Google WiFi at home after our Asus router of some 7+ years service developed an issue serving LAN traffic. Wow WiFi connections are much quicker and not having to change router as we move around the house is awesome.

Route One

Ring road (route 1) in Iceland

Covering over 900 miles and circling Iceland, Route 1 was a key part of our trip. We only explored the Southern half of it, perhaps we’ll see the Northern side on a future trip.

There’s no shortage of epic and beautiful scenery on the drive, in fact there’s so much to see that the drive may well take longer than you anticipate.

While perhaps not one of the most scenic points, here’s a wallpaper of a photo taken on the ring road itself. It’s the wallpaper on my MacBook at the moment and fills me with memories and wanderlust every time I see it.


The ‘Sound: drift off’ single in the @Headspace app is great for getting (back) to sleep quickly. Perfect for after a midnight to 2am baby feed and settle.

On this day a year ago I began my second week of Shared Parental Leave and Mel returned to work. Both of us feeling unsure and overwhelmed but for quite different reasons. This was the hardest but most rewarding day job I’ve had.