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Weekly Roundup — 29th August

Only the second roundup and I’m heading for 4 days late.

We took advantage of the bank holiday weekend and enjoyed lots of family time. Any downtime I spent working on the first iteration of a personal theme for this site. I pulled together a quick static version and then used the underscores starter theme as a basis.

The site isn’t complete, but it’s good enough to roll with and build on.

Aside from this we’ve been catching up on cycling events including the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup. We even managed to sneak in some baby free time on Friday with a day off work while little one was at nursery.

 Cycle to Work Day is almost here — I somehow manage to forget most years. I’m aware of it up until the actual day and then it escapes me, usually until around lunchtime and I see some tweet or email about it. In fact I stopped paused then resumed writing this in order to add a event (with alert the evening before) to my calendar. It’s the fifth anniversary of the event in the UK, if you’ve been meaning to take a two-wheeled trip to work then why not join in.

Using 1Password for one-time passwords — a helpful article from the people at The Sweet Setup on how you can use 1Password to provide one-time passwords for two-factor authentication on cloud services like Dropbox. I currently use Authy on my iPhone for this but it doesn’t cover all the cloud services I use. 1Password may be the way forward for me.

Ben Brooks on Things 3 — I recently switched from OmniFocus to Things 3. I briefly looked at the new app from Cultured Code when version 3 came out, that is to say I read the reviews and admired the screenshots. Initially I dismissed my desire to try it as aesthetic longing and a form of tool/software procrastination.

Eventually I relented and I’m glad I did. I’ve spent a fair amount of task management software over the years. Things 3 is so far the most enjoyable to use. While less feature rich than others it covers most of what I need and in a way that clicks with me and the way I think and work. It makes me smile.

Crashplan sunsetting Home User backups — they are no longer selling new subscriptions and will end current services for home users in October next year. Crashplan were the first online backup service I used. I read plenty of reviews and my choice came down to Crashplan or Backblaze.

I rolled with Crashplan for a few years without complaint until I wanted to backup a second computer. It would be cheaper to use Backblaze than switch to the family plan so I took the plunge, switched, then began the long initial backup. Since then I’ve been a happy Backblaze user. Now I’m glad I switched when I chose to, instead of when I would have to.

What makes your beard go grey? — it’s inevitable. It’s not really bothering me, a bit of grey has a distinguished feel to it these days. What bothers me is when people point it out, like I haven’t noticed it. Thanks! Incidentally it’s World Beard Day this Saturday (2nd September).

Thats it for last week. Still plenty to finish on the site so I’ll chip away at this while trying to balance this with actually writing more words this week (that aren’t code or otherwise work related). Have a good one.