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Trove 2.0 on Kickstarter

After backing the original Trove on Kickstarter in August of 2014, I’ve been using it everyday since I received it. I also ordered the limited Factory Edition which I’ve kept as a souvenir.

I recently decided I wanted to get another Trove wallet. Perhaps something with a bit more colour — I ordered ‘Moon’ from the original collection which is basically black and grey. I held off ordering as I couldn’t decide which colour to get.

This weekend an email arrived from Trove with advance notice of their launch of their second version of the Trove, again via Kickstarter.

I backed the next version and got in on the early bird. Within 24 hours the project was fully funded.

Based on my previous experience with Trove and how happy I am with my current Trove even after 3 years of use, if you are looking for a minimal wallet, back this now.