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Panobook from Studio Neat — A Notebook for Your Desk

It seems like only a few weeks since I received my glif (the second version) after backing their project on Kickstarter.

The Studio Neat guys are back on Kickstarter, this time with their solution of a notebook that fits well on a desk alongside a keyboard — the Panobook.

A panoramic notebook for your desk, and eventually, your shelf. Made of quality materials and thoughtful details.

The computer desk friendly ratio of the notebook isn’t its only thoughtful aspect. The dot-grid paper inside features subtle corner guides with horizontal and vertical midpoint guides to help easily divide the page including three or six 16:9 rectangles, perfect for wire-framing or storyboarding. The slip case for archiving completed notebooks is a cool idea too.

Ben Brooks and Stephen Hackett have posted reviews from their time using a prototype version.

I’m a sucker for a cool notebook (still pining for a Baron Fig Confidant but reluctant to spend the extra money to import one) so I’ve backed this on Kickstarter. Just the one for now, but who am I kidding I’ll probably up it to three or more soon.