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A year ago today I began my short journey as a stay-at-home-dad, looking after our daughter by taking Shared Parental Leave. I greatly miss moments of my days with Elowyn.

Radio Silence Over

I’ve been quiet of late, well, I have in terms of sharing my thoughts and photos both here and on social media. Not any kind of social experiment or political or moral opposition to any network or attempt at improving my focus and productivity. I’ve just been busy, and maybe a bit lazy too.

Colds and a cranky baby (half referring to our daughter, but also to myself) haven’t helped.

This November saw my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. I won’t make the 50,000 words by month end to complete it (more on that another time) but I’m okay with that. Heck I only managed just over a week really. Then I made an excuse, and another one, and then more.

It’s okay though. No really it is. I’m a little disappointed in myself but I was prepared to fail and I’m glad I tried, though I do wish I’d preserved a little more. Truth is I could still keep writing, perhaps I should. But once you’ve made so many excuses it’s easier to make one more than it is to pick things up and try again.

Aside from colds and other distractions I’ve also started another project. Something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. But I made excuses. I found reasons to keep making concessions, to stay the source. Recently though I’ve begun to see the impact that not doing something has had on my happiness and my wellbeing. The cost of not doing something had become greater than the risk of change. It’s time for a change.

More tk.

Considering entering #NaNoWriMo this November for the first time. Anxiety rises, or is it excitement? Perhaps it’s both. Hard to distinguish between them some days.

Result of a quick play with Aurora HDR 2018, pretty happy with it, could take it a bit further for a final image but like it so far.
Iceland boat aurorahdr s

Installing Aurora HDR 2018 for a quick spin before I get some much needed exercise to relieve some stress.

Using the excellent JSON Feed WordPress plugin, by Manton Reece and Daniel Jalkut, to add a ‘/feed/json’ URL and then set my Micro.Blog account to use this as a cross-posting feed. Neat.

Listening to The MacStories iOS 11 review narrated by Mike Hurley. Decided to take advantage of the Club MacStories discount. Purchased another subscription to Overcast to load mp3 file into there. Chapter support is nice.

Austin Mann Reviews the iPhone 8 Plus Camera

Photographer and filmmaker Austin Mann shares his thoughts on the iPhone 8 Plus ,while travelling in India, covering Studio Lighting in Portrait Mode and Slow Sync Shutter.

Both are great features and I too find ‘Studio Light’ is my favourite of the lighting effects and I’ve not yet had much success so far with either of the Stage Light effects.

Slow Sync flash will actually make the flash occasionally useable which is handy.

Lower file size thanks to the HEIF and HEVC formats is great, though I worry about compatibility down the line. I running this for now but I’m considering switching back, saving space on the device is nice but it’s more the space it will save on iCloud thats appealing.