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Orbitkey 2.0

I am always looking out for new and better ways to carry and store things. Sometimes it’s about about carrying or packing smarter, better, more options and features. Other times it can be about lessening, simpifying — the beauty of minimalism, essentialism.

Orbitkey 2.0

I’ve backed two projects on Kickstarter for what are my favourite, perhaps essential everyday or special carry items.

The first one was for Trove: The Ultimate Slim Wallet & Card Case, that launched in July 2014 and it was the first project I ever backed on Kickstarter. I’ve carried that wallet with me nearly everyday since and I wouldn’t be without it.

I wasn’t aware of the original version of Orbitkey, if I was I imagine I would happily have backed it.

The second was for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack which I also love, though I don’t use it everyday. I could, but with too so many other bags I own to choose from I like to switch it up sometimes.

Orbitkey has landed

Keys are one of those things I have with me everyday, that I’d like to carry less of, and also improve how I carry them. Leading up to this I’d already taken steps to reduce the number of keys that I was carrying at any one time. Partially by just weeding out unnecessary ones for every day usage, and also by creating different sets of keys to suit different days/activities (which does result in more keys overall but carrying less at any one time).

I wasn’t aware of the original version of Orbitkey, if I was I imagine I would happily have backed it. Although the Orbitkey production ran slightly longer than originally projected, there were regular production updates with progress containing great photos of the manufacturing process and the constituent parts. Issues and solutions were discussed and explained. The communication throughout the project was fantastic.

Orbitkey USB Stick

Arriving too late for Christmas, one of the keys I ordered is intended as a present, I was happy to wait for the product to be ‘right’, trusting in the projects creators attention to detail and pride in their work.

My Orbitkey’s arrived near the start of last week, the keys and accessories themselves were all nicely packaged and presented but the overall containing package wasn’t as nice as some of the photos from distribution centres in other countries. Perhaps a misconception on my part, maybe a distributor difference or decision to avoid a further delay.  Whatever the reason(s), the important thing is they are here and they are awesome.

Orbitkey Tan Leather and Buckle

I have the tan leather Orbitkey, the canvas one in Navy and the Kickstarter backer edition (the later was a reach goal bonus and I ordered an additional mechanism for it at extra cost). The leather one is setup with the multi-tool, 8GB USB key and two door keys. My car key will be ending up on here soon and this will be my go-to/everyday set.

Orbitkey Multi-Tool

The navy band will end up with a multi-tool, house keys and bike lock key on it as my sport/activity/travel set. The black rubber Orbitkey is destined for a family member as a belated Christmas present and the Kickstarter edition one will probably be kept as a souvenir of the project, or maybe an secondary activity/adventure day set.

The Orbitkey was intuitive to assemble though there is an instructional video available which I watched a few days after assembly and now realise I don’t need the second tensioning washer since I don’t have that many keys on it.

Bottom line: I’m really happy I backed this project, it’s a fantastic product and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a better way to carry their keys. Looking forward to using mine for years to come.