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Moving to 1Password in the Cloud

I (we) moved from a standalone version of 1Password to 1Password for Families. The key selling point for me was being able to move my wife over to 1Password without having to purchase (and then eventually upgrade) separate licenses, and to be able to share vaults between us.

Okay it means no longer being able to use Dropbox to sync, but I’ve not had any problems with Day One’s sync service. Yes, I trust them to keep my data safe.

Understandably placing that level of trust in a third party, especially when it comes to our most sensitive data, is not for everyone. There are some valid concerns.

Some people are pissed about 1Password pushing users towards their cloud solutions. On their blog Agilebits have a somewhat meandering post, covering why they believe most of their users would benefit from moving to their cloud solution. They are also open about how it benefits them as a business, and how that in turn benefits their customers.

Most notably (for standalone users) Agilebits assures standalone vaults will remain in 1Password 6 and will still be there in version 7 too:

TL;DR: We love 1Password. We love you. We believe 1Password memberships are the best and will shout it from the mountaintops, but standalone vaults aren’t being removed.

For me the enhanced security I get by using unique, strong passwords conveniently, outweighs the risks (so far as I understand them) that cloud data presents to me. I don’t consider myself a prominent target either so I’m prepared to accept other potential compromises in security like 2FA over mobile text for example.

There are those who are unhappy despite these assurances, and thats perfectly right for them. What level of security you required and what compromises you are prepared to accept in exchange for convenience is an incredibly personal thing. The direction 1Password is heading in won’t suit everyone unfortunately. I still highly recommend it to everyone though, but as with everything what suits me may not be best for you.

Take a look, weight the pro’s and con’s and decide whats best for you. For me it’s 1Password.