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Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s our first Christmas as a family of three. At twenty weeks of age (today) the significance of the day will be lost on our daughter, but not on us. For us this day will (we hope) bring forth many happy and fond memories in years to come.

Camera(s) in hand I’ll be trying to document the day for us to watch and look back on in years to come. There are not that many photgraphs of my childhood, there are some but no-where near as many as we already have of our daughter in the short 5 months she has been with us. We are fortunate to live in an age where recording special or significant moments, or even everyday events, has never been so easy or inexpensive.

Our First Christmas, the three of us

Pre Christmas day we wanted to take a photograph of the three of us, with Elowyn wearing a Christmas outfit, to share with family and friends. One evening after work, without much time before little one’s bedtime, I setup the camera in the conservatory.

Camera on tripod, wireless flash transmitter in hot shoe, speedlight style flash on stand pointing into umbrella setup as reflective. Positioning the light inside the conservatory meant little working room and more importantly a big reflection in the conservatory glass behind us would in the shot. Out in the garden goes the light, no problem with range just boost the power. Luckily there is no wind, it’s a calm night, not like recent nights.

A few test shots later and then a ten minute struggle to get the Olympus Image Share app working. Deleting the installed profile for it and a few failed ‘easy’ setup attempts later and connectivity is restored. Baby is getting restless.

iPhone app set to fire three shots, a few seconds apart and after a three second countdown to start. Four or five monutes later we have a selection of photos to work with.

Into Lightroom and yeah that window column is coming out of Mel’s head, too difficult to clone out. We realised during the shoot with the on-camera preview and adjusted for some frames, trouble is the photos we like best happend to be the ones with ‘column-head’. A quick preset and tweak later and the important thing is we have a photo we are happy with, which documents the season. It should bring us happy memories in years to come and hopefully those who receive a copy will enjoy it.

Quick and dirty, one light. Not great, but good enough for a personal photograph.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends. Best wishes from myself, Melinda and Elowyn.