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Learn Ulysses with The Sweet Setup

I’ve been using Ulysses for awhile and I’m familiar with most of the basics but there’s more to learn.

This recently launched course from the people over at The Sweet Setup covered the parts of Ulysses I already knew, as well as a few I didn’t. Throw in some tips and handy keyboard shortcuts along the way and this video course is perfect for beginners while possibly still covering some areas for those who’ve been using the app for awhile (like some of the iOS app features and the search, find and replace).

Videos are streamable and downloadable and have full transcripts accompanying them.

The part of the course that really caught my interest was the setup interviews with a number of writers including Shawn Blanc himself and Matt Gemmell, among others. I very much enjoy reading about and learning from the way other people work, comparing it to my practices, then trialling and adopting (or not) any useful practices.

As part of the launch week the course is $6 cheaper at the moment, coming in a $23 dollars. For me it was useful and good value. If you are unfamiliar with Ulysses and want to get up to speed quickly with the best writing app out there — this course should be on your to-do list.