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Gather — A Modular Organiser from Ugmonk

I’ve been an admirer of the work of Jeff Sheldon for awhile since I first became aware of Ugmonk clothing. Instantly wanting pretty much everything on the site I couldn’t decided what to get. So I didn’t get anything. Weird. I mean I really like the minimalist designs, cool typography, and oh boy the brown leather mouse mat, phew!

I signed up for the newsletter though. Through that I found out about the current Kickstarter project for Gather.

Following on from that I just placed an order for a couple of t-shirts for Melinda and I. As luck would have it they were sold out of the mouse mat I’ve lusted after for so long. Some day it will be mine, but not yet.

Deciding on what to get from such a long list of cool t-shirts, prints and accessories was hard. Some things were sold out in my size too, which made choosing harder.

What’s easy is the appeal of ordering from a small, independent and creative company, run by a family, who make cool products and also give back to charity.

Kickstarter Campaign Funded in 47 minutes

The initial $18,000 goal was smashed in under an hour. 24 hours in the pledges stood at over $100,000. After a weeks the project was 1051% funded.

After the first few days I admit I felt a little wary about my pledge. I was excited about the project and desperately hoping that the manufacturing process would be able to scale to cope with the massive demand.

The third project update via Kickstarter ensured backers that the manufacturers were ready to scale as big as required and still deliver on time while maintaining detail and quality. I sure hope so.

A Gift to Myself

Delivery is estimated as December, a nice Christmas present to myself. I didn’t pay attention to this when deciding to back the project but it works out kinda nicely.

I backed the Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack last year which also turned into a fantastic Christmas present to myself.

Hoping that I get what I really want for Christmas this year, my very own Gather.

There’s 19 days left to back the project. Go on — treat yourself.