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Coming (Back) Home to WordPress

Friction can be bad. The more friction you feel between you and accomplishing (or even just starting) a task, the less likely it is that it’s going to get done. Even when it’s something you want to do.

I’ve been feeling some friction with using Hugo to generate a static version of this site. Mostly regarding needing to be at my MacBook or home office Mac, or to remotely access them, in order to be able to build and deploy the site.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny amend like a typo, misspelling, or a grammatical error. The whole site needs to be rebuilt and deployed.

Now its pretty darn quick to build, and with rsync only deploying files that have changed it’s also quick to deploy changes to the server. I still have to be at a Mac with the latest version of the site pulled down from the repo.

If I am on one of my iOS devices I can use Screens to remote to my home office Mac. I can then make sure I’ve got the latest source from the repo, and if I haven’t already added the new post (which is likely on these devices) then I can add the file, copy the post contents and format the posts metadata so it gets handled correctly by Hugo.

Once thats done I just need to build and check it looks fine in Hugo and deploy it. Oh and commit my changes to the repo.

It’s all straight-forward enough, but there’s enough steps and slight complexity in it to cause me to hesitate about even starting a post.

With WordPress I can copy and paste the markdown for my post, usually from Ulysses into my app of choice. If I’m on my Mac I can publish direct from Ulysses or perhaps MarsEdit. On iOS I can also publish from Ulysses or use the WordPress app.

Additionally on all platforms (where I also have 1Password installed or accessible by browser) I can login via the WordPress admin UI and create/update posts.

Since I moved to a VPS my sites are running faster. Not static site fast, but fast enough to make me happy and it’s not like this site has a big readership (or even a small readership).

At the weekend I deleted the site, one-click installed a WordPress instance, chose a free and clean WordPress theme and migrated my content. The biggest part of the process was finding a free theme that would suit for now and only required minor amends to not be too objectionable.

Hopefully now it’s easier and more accessible for me to post to this site, I will post more. There’s one less excuse not to.