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A 365 for 2017

What if I fail? It’s a very real possibility and that scares me. I do fear failure and though my head tells me I shouldn’t let that fear get in my way, my default reaction is to avoid situations that can lead to it. Especially public failure.

Given the duration and frequency involved in a 365 project there will be many opportunities for failure. The fact that I have chosen (for now) to follow a outline (from a book) both works for and against me. Simultaneously aiding whilst also constraining me in terms of a subject for the day.

I am following the Vision 365 ebook which I hope will both provide me with a daily subject (thereby removing some of the friction of wondering what to photograph) and also train me to more readily recognise photographic opportunities.

Sharing my intention here and telling family, friends and colleagues about my 365 attempt provides some accountability. Tracking it in Streaks and following the book will hopefully provide some additional impetus. I can do this, whether or not I will do it remains to be seen. For now I’m trying to stay positive and take joy in being on the journey, for now anyway.

As I write this it’s day 19 and today subject is texture. I have a few shots from earlier today, some on my m4/3 camera, some on my phone. I am not sure I am overly happy with any of them so a few ideas have come to me on possible subjects to explore at home. I often find I run out of time and daylight and then end up shooting something at home but I try to practice ‘seeing’ on my commute and whilst at work, on lunch and wherever I can really.

So far so good

I am mostly enjoying the challenge. If you want to follow along you can find my daily photos on blipfoto.

If you’ve ever though about doing a 365 project and think you can make the time then just start. Sure you might fail just like I might but perhaps we can both be a little less afraid and be more creative together. Thanks for reading.